2013 – Present


After the sale of our day-to-day operations to Carmel Coaches in November 2013, we have concentrated on renovating and enjoying our classic bus and coach collection.

However, to help fund these projects we continue to assist at special events such as Glastonbury Festival each year.

We’ve split the company history at November 2013, as a number of vehicles have been owned for short periods of time for these special events since we ceased normal operation.

Here you will find details of vehicles owned to date. For current vehicles, please see the “Our Current Collection” tab.

75 G706TCD Leyland Olympian Alexander RL H87F 2014 Special Events
76 J722GAP Leyland Olympian Alexander RL H80F 2014 Special Events
77 R11WAL DAF SB220 Ikarus 481 B49F Secured for preservation and resold during 2014
78 TUO497 Bristol LS6G ECW B–F Purchased Feb 2015 – current
79 N429FKK Volvo Olympian Alexander RH H74D 2015 Special Events
80 N430FKK Volvo Olympian Alexander RH H74D 2015 Special Events
81 M654KVU / VFJ581 Volvo B10M Van Hool Alizee 2016 Short-term acquisition
82 VJI8684 / SNC366X / 307WHT Leyland Leopard PSU3 Plaxton Supreme IV C53F Purchased Feb 2016 – Current
83 W132VLO Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 2017 Special Events
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